Welcome to your Dashboard! Simply put, the Dashboard is the starting page that you see when you log in to your Mentimeter account. You can always click on "Your presentations" or the Mentimeter logo up at the corner to return to this page, wherever you are in the app or on the website.

This is what you see the first time you log in to Mentimeter. 

For some inspiration click on the "Inspiration" button in the left menu and add some examples to your account. We have added a couple of example presentations to this account to show you what it would look like. 

You can sort the presentations according to 'Presentation name', when it was 'Last updated' or how many 'Respondents' they have.

New presentation

Click "+ New presentation" to start creating your own presentations with Mentimeter.

Edit or instantly start a presentation

Click on the name of a presentation to edit it. If you press the little Play-icon to the left, you can directly start the presentation without having to open the editor first!

The number in the grey circle represents the number of slides that presentation has.

Presentation functions

The small icons to the right of the presentation all have different functions. Here is where you find links to share to your audience or colleagues, export your presentation, and duplicate or delete the presentation. Hover over each icon to see a tooltip explaining what it's used for.

The sidebar menu

The menu on the left helps you navigate in the web app. This is where you find other Examples, Branding, Upgrading information and your Account settings.

If you need help, you don't need to search for long. Under the Help section you find links to Guides, Inspiration, Support and this Help Center!

The bubble in the corner

Have you ever wondered what the blue chat bubble in the corner is for? It connects you directly with our support team who will answer any of your questions. Don't forget to look in our Help Center first - we might already have information there that can help you!

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