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How to use the AI Menti Builder

Create beautiful and engaging presentations with the click of a button using Mentimeter's AI presentation creator.

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The AI Menti Builder is designed to assist you in creating engaging and professional presentations with with a single click of a button. Simply enter a prompt and the tool does the rest, transforming your presentation ideas into beautifully crafted slides.

Keep in mind that this tool will create a first draft of your presentation, and you should always go through it and make changes as you see fit.

How to use the AI Menti Builder

Note: In order to use the AI Menti Builder, you need to have opted into the AI features in your account settings. You can learn how to do this and find more information in this article.

To create a Menti using AI, click the Start with AI button on the home page:

Write a prompt describing what you'd like to create in the pop-up. You can name the type of project you want to create (workshop, survey, quiz, etc.) or the topic (geography, team-building, etc.) or both.

Once that's done, choose the style you'd like the presentation to have:

And that's it! The AI tool will create a presentation for you from scratch in just a few seconds.

You can then edit the slides, add more content and customize the presentation however you want. Remember that this is just a first draft and you should modify and polish the presentation to suit your needs.

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