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Our best advice for successful Mentimeter presentations
Checklist for creating an amazing presentation with Menti
Checklist for creating an amazing presentation with Menti

When creating your Mentimeter presentation use this checklist to make sure that your presentation is perfect!

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Creating your presentation

Here are a few things to keep in mind when you are creating your Mentimeter presentation:

  • If you have a time limit on your presentation, remember to take into account that your audience will need time to connect their smartphone or smart device .

  • Make sure that you give enough time for your audience to answer questions that you have included in the presentation.

  • If you want to discuss the results of your presentations, you should allocate time for this too.

  • If needed, your audience should be reminded to bring their smartphones or smart device to the presentation so they can vote.

For more presentation tips, please see our blog article: The ultimate guide to creating amazing presentations.

After you have created your Mentimeter presentation, check through this list to make sure that you are ready for the stage. 


In the Edit View of Mentimeter, there is a Settings option in the top menu. Here you can find some important settings that you should adjust whilst creating your presentation:

  • Presentation mode: Check the Presentation mode to decide if you want the audience to only see the slide you are on, or if the audience should be able to go through the presentation at their own pace. You decide! 

  • Change language: Here you can also change the language that is displayed to your audience on Just select the language that you want to display from the drop down box. 

Other interactive features

  • Chat: If you want your audience to be able to submit comments during your presentation, you can turn this on.

  • Q&A: If you have enabled Questions from Audience in your presentation, you can configure the settings as well.

Other things to think about

Aside from the settings, there are some other things that you should double-check in your presentation to make sure that everything is perfect.

  • Check that Quiz questions have a right answer selected;

  • Add any Reactions you want to use to your presentation slides; 

  • Double-check through all your content to make sure that you are happy with your presentation.

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