Questions from Audience (also known as Q&A) is a feature that presenters can add to their presentations to enable the audience to ask questions directly to the presenter using their smart device. This article explores the use cases for Questions from Audience and how to use this function.

How to use Questions from Audience

There are three core use cases for Questions from Audience, which gives the presenter total control of how they wish to use this feature: 

1. As a slide type only 

You can use Questions from Audience as a slide type. This means that the presenter can decide exactly when the audience can ask questions and when they will be answered. The audience will only be able to ask questions when that slide is shown. There is no limit on the number of Q&A slides you can add to your presentation, even if you are on the free plan.

To use this slide type, select New slide and then select the Q&A question from the Type panel on the right, a slide will appear which you can now edit as needed, as shown in the image below: 

2. As a Configure option only

Alternatively you can configure Questions from Audience to be turned on for every single slide. This means that the audience can ask questions at any time during the presentation and the presenter can answer the questions at any point.

To configure your presentation and turn on the Questions from Audience function, select Configure from the top menu when you are in the edit view. In the panel menu which appears in the right-hand side of your screen, select Q&A from the submenu. Here you can turn off and on the Questions from Audience feature as well as select if you want to enable the audience to see each other’s questions (recommended for audience sizes of up to 500).

3. Combination of slide type and Configure option

The final option is to use both the slide type and the configure option during the presentation. This means that the presenter can accept questions throughout the whole of the presentation, but also use the slide type to essentially punctuate their presentation to indicate to the audience when they will answer the questions. This way, the presenter can receive questions for the duration of the presentation.

To enable this, simply add a Q&A slide type and in the panel on the right-hand side of the screen, you should select that the participants can ask questions at any point, as demonstrated in the image below:

Presenting with Questions from Audience

When you are presenting a Questions from Audience question type slide, the most upvoted question will automatically be shown. Once you have answered a question, you can either select the button “Mark as answered” or use the hotkey “A” to mark the question as answered. It will then be removed from the list and the next question is shown.

If you are using the Configure option, you should click the Questions from Audience icon in the bottom right-hand of the slide (or use the hotkey “Q”) when you want to answer/display the question. A small notification dot will appear on the icon when there are new messages. When you click the icon a popover with the questions will appear:

Just as for the Q&A slide, you can use the button “Mark as answered” or the hotkey “A” to mark the selected question as answered.

See answered questions

To see the questions that you have already marked as answered, press the Q&A icon and select the tab “Answered”. For the Configure option, you need to first press the button “See all questions”. From here, you can also restore or delete answered questions.

Exporting Questions from Audience

It is also possible to export the questions that were received during the presentation via the Questions from audience function. To do this, simply export your results as normal. To view the questions asked, select the Q&A tab in your spreadsheet.

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