Sometimes, you want to use the same presentation several times – either for the same group of people or for a different audience. This can easily be done by resetting the results so you can use the presentation again. The data from the previous sessions will be stored and you can access the previous results again at any time.

Please note that only your most recent session will be available as a .pdf export so be sure to export your results before you reset the results. If you are on an upgraded account you can also find the archived sessions in your excel export.

How to reset the results

You can reset the results in two ways – in the Edit View where you edit your presentation, or directly in the Presentation View.

Reset results from the Edit View:

  1. Select any Question type slide where you have received results

  2. In the right hand panel, click the “Reset results” button

  3. Select if you want to reset results for all slides or only the specific slide

Note: The reset results button will only be visible on question slides where you have received results. If you can’t see the button, make sure you have not selected a “Content slide” or a "Question type slide" with no results.

Reset results from the Presentation View:

  1. Open the presentation menu in your left bottom corner

  2. Click “Reset results”

How to access stored results from previous sessions

When you reset the results, the data will be saved and stored. You can access each of your previous sessions at any time via the presentation menu:

  1. Open the presentation menu

  2. Select “History”

  3. Click on the date of the session you want to access

Delete an old session

If you want to permanently delete a session you simply hit the trash bin icon next to the session in the “History” tab.

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