Sometimes, you want to use the same presentation several times - either for the same group of people or for a different audience. 

Reset the presentation but keep the results for later

In the Presentation View

In the Presentation View menu, you can choose to 'reset results'. This saves and stores the voting results and resets the presentation so that you can start a new session. You can access the results from previous sessions from 'history' in the presentation menu.

In the Edit View

As in the Presentation View, you can choose to 'reset results' in the Edit View.

View previous sessions

You can access each of your previous sessions via the presentation menu by choosing 'history'.

Delete an old session

If you want to permanently delete a session you simply hit the small trash bin icon next to that session in the 'history' tab. 

Please note that only your most recent session will be available as a .pdf export so be sure to export your results before you archive. If you are on an upgraded account you can also find the archived session in your excel export.

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