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Avoid biased results by hiding the results in your presentation

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Hiding results can be very useful if you want to avoid getting biased results. Especially for sensitive matters, or when you do not want your audience to get influenced by the answers submitted by the faster fingers.

How to hide or show results

You can hide the results in two ways – in the Edit view where you edit your presentation, or directly in the Presentation view during your presentation.

Hide or show results from the Edit view

If you want to set the default options for hiding the results of your presentation, you can do this in advance when you edit your presentation:

  1. Select a slide

  2. Open the "Interactivity" tab

  3. Toggle the box “Show results”

To hide or unhide the result for all slides, click the “Apply to all slides” button.

Hide results from the Presentation view

Here's how you can hide the results during your presentation:

  1. Open the Presentation Menu by hovering over the bottom left corner of the screen.

  2. Click on "Hide results"

How to show results

To show the results again, go back into the Presentation menu and click on "Show results".

You can also use the shortcut “H” on your keyboard to toggle between hiding and showing the results.

Do you have an image on the slide that covers the result?

If you have added an image to the slide, this can hide the results. If so you have 2 ways of hiding the image to show the results:

  1. Press the S hotkey

  2. Click on the “Hide image" button below the image

Pro tip: we have a feature called “Advanced Layouts” that will allow you to change the position of your image and place it next to your results instead.

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