How to use the PowerPoint Add-in

Learn how to use Mentimeter's add-in with your presentation.

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Are you looking to integrate Mentimeter with an external presentation tool? We offer various integrations that you can learn about, including our PowerPoint add-in and other integrations.

While Mentimeter performs optimally when used directly in a web browser, our PowerPoint add-in offers a faster and lighter approach to integrating Mentimeter questions into your PowerPoint presentations. Follow these simple steps to get started.

1. Download the Mentimeter add-in

First, download the PowerPoint plugin from the Office 365 store here. It will require you to have an Office 365 account and PowerPoint Version 2111 on Windows (16.55 on Mac) or later installed on your computer.

2. Insert the Mentimeter add-in

To add the Mentimeter add-in to your PowerPoint presentation, open your PowerPoint presentation and add a new blank slide. Click on the "Home" tab, select "My Add-ins" (far right in the menu), click on "More Add-ins" and select the Mentimeter add-in. The add-in will appear on your slide as an interactive image, which you can move and adjust in size.

3. Log into Mentimeter

You can log in to your Mentimeter account directly from the PowerPoint add-in.

1. Enter your email address and password
2. Click on the “Log-in” button

If your organization uses SSO, you can log in using your SSO credentials through the “Log in with SSO” section.

4. Create your Mentimeter slides directly in the add-in

You can create and customize Mentimeter questions directly within PowerPoint, without the need to switch back and forth between the applications.

The new Mentimeter PowerPoint add-in focuses on core question slides, such as:
- Multiple Choice
- Word Cloud
- Open Ended
- Scales

- Ranking

- Quiz (Select Answer, Type Answer and Leaderboard)

After logging in, you will see the slide options. Simple click on the one you prefer to create the slide and enter the edit mode.

Use existing Menti questions

You can add an existing Menti question to the PowerPoint add-in by clicking the option "Use another Menti".

Select the presentation by clicking "Connect this Menti" and "Insert" the question you want to use in the add-in. Keep in mind that we only support the question types mentioned above in the PowerPoint add-in.


In the edit mode you can customize your slide just like you would in

It is also possible to automatically synchronize your Mentimeter slide with your PPT presentation’s theme for a seamless look.

Simply click on the ‘Design’ tab and select ‘Import from PPT’.

In the Design tab, you can also toggle other options, such as whether or not to show the voting instructions on the slide.

When presenting, you can control the display of the voting instructions and the real-time results by toggling the buttons to hide and unhide in the toolbar in the bottom-left corner.

Useful info:

  • Clicking “Start Menti” activates the question so your voters can vote on the question. Once this has been clicked the slide becomes active, and will remain active until you click "Start Menti" on the following slide.

  • In order to access the "Start Menti" button, and activate your Mentimeter slides during your presentation, you will need to click on the presenting screen, while presenting in Presenter View with your Presenter notes. This is because attempts to click "Start Menti" from the Presenter View screen, will advance the slide, and not activate the button.

  • If you would rather use the old add-in, you can enable it under the “Feedback & help” section after logging in by clicking on “Switch to the old add-in”.

  • Presentations created in the PowerPoint add-in can be found in your dashboard at, where you can review, present and export the results.

  • Hotkey commands will not work when using the plugin.

Requirements for running the PowerPoint add-in

For information on the requirements for running the PowerPoint add-in, please refer to this article.

Keep in mind that the online version of PowerPoint is not fully functional yet, so we recommend using the add-in in the desktop version of PowerPoint.

Also, you may experience decreased resolution for the Mentimeter add-in in PowerPoint on Mac desktop computers.

If you have any further inquiries, don't hesitate to contact us at!

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