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Embed a PowerPoint presentation into Mentimeter
Embed a PowerPoint presentation into Mentimeter

Learn how to combine your existing PowerPoint presentations with Mentimeter's interactive slides.

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You can now embed your PowerPoint presentations into your Mentimeter presentation to make the most of your existing slide decks as well as Mentimeter's interactivity.

How to embed a PowerPoint presentation into Mentimeter

Part 1: Create a PowerPoint slide in Mentimeter

  1. Open or create a presentation and click +New Slide

  2. Scroll all the way down to the Integrations section, then select PowerPoint

Now you should have a new PowerPoint slide that looks like this:

Part 2: Add the PowerPoint link to your Mentimeter slide

  1. Open your PowerPoint presentation in PowerPoint online, click File, then Share, then Embed:

2. Copy the embed link by clicking on the Copy button in the bottom right:

3. Paste the link into the Mentimeter slide, and your PowerPoint presentation will appear in the editor:

Part 3: Presenting your PowerPoint presentation in Mentimeter

  1. Start you presentation by clicking the Present button in the top-right corner:

2. When you come to the PowerPoint slide, click the Enter PowerPoint button at the bottom of the screen:

3. The PowerPoint presentation will become full screen, and you will see a pop-up with some instructions on how to navigate through the presentation:

Note: make sure that you click on the PowerPoint slide before using the arrow keys. Otherwise you will move on to the next Menti slide, rather than the next PowerPoint slide.

4. To exit the PowerPoint presentation on continue with the rest of your Mentimeter slides, you can click the Exit PowerPoint button at the bottom of the screen.


Will my PowerPoint animations carry over to Mentimeter when using the Embed slide?

Yes! When using our PowerPoint Embed slides, any animations you have added to your PowerPoint presentation will work the exact same within Mentimeter.

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