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To interact with your audience using Mentimeter, you start by creating presentations that you fill with questions and slides.

Create a new presentation

When you're logged in to your Mentimeter account, you can create a new presentation by clicking the blue button on your Dashboard. Start by giving it a name, and then decide what type of slide you want.

Mentimeter has six different types of interactive Quick Slides, and nine different question types:

You can choose from all types when you create your presentation! Choose your Quick Slides, create questions and enter answer options and you're good to go. Press "Present" in the upper-right corner when you're done to start interacting with your audience.

Start with an example

When you created your account, you can find examples in the inspiration section located in your Dashboard. Use them as they are, or edit them so that they suit what content you want to show your audience.

We have a vast collection of examples that you can copy to your account if you'd like. Click on "Inspiration" instead of "New presentation" if you want to start building your presentation from a template, or go directly to to start exploring!

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