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Create your first presentation

Follow these simple steps to create your first Mentimeter presentation.

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Creating presentations with Mentimeter is simple! Watch this short video or read more below to get started.

Create a new presentation

When you're logged into your Mentimeter account, you can create a new presentation, (which will appear in your My Presentations page), in just a few simple steps.

Note: If you are a part of a Team, and would like to create a presentation for the team, under Shared Presentations, follow the same steps below.

On your Dashboard, click the New Menti button to create a new blank Menti. You can also click on the small arrow next to that button to select a new quiz or survey directly.

You will be taken directly to the Edit view, where you can choose to begin from scratch, use a template, or import slides from an existing presentation:

Add slides to your presentation

To interact with your audience using Mentimeter, you can fill your presentation with interactive and content slides. You can also add a fun Quiz competition to your presentation and our Q&A feature to enable the audience to ask questions directly to the presenter. If you have any of our paid subscriptions, you will also be able to import an existing presentation to Mentimeter.

How to create a new slide:

  1. Click on "+ New slide" in the top left corner of the edit view.

2. Select the type of slide you want to add in the slide menu. Click on the links below to learn more about each slide type:

Question slides

Content slides

Quiz slides


Start your presentation

When you are happy with your presentation, you can start presenting by clicking Present in the top right corner:

This will make the presentation full screen and take you to the Presentation view. You can now control the presentation and go through the slides using the arrow keys and keyboard shortcuts, or by using the presentation menu. To open the presentation menu, hover your mouse cursor over the bottom-left corner of the slide.

Get started quickly with a template

If you want some help getting started, we have a vast collection of examples and pre-made templates in the templates section located in your Dashboard.

If you prefer to start building your presentation from a template, click Templates instead of New presentation. Use them as they are, or edit them so that they suit the content you want to share with your audience.

Want more help getting started?

If you want some more help getting started with Mentimeter, you can view our Video tutorials on Youtube, our Getting started webinar or keep exploring this Help Center.

If you wish to learn more about Mentimeter’s features and how to create presentations, feel free to enrol for our free courses in the Mentimeter Academy

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