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Learn how to add YouTube and Vimeo videos to your Mentimeter presentation

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If you have the perfect YouTube or Vimeo video to show during your presentation you can add this using the "Video slide".

How to add a video to your presentation

1) Select the "Video slide" from the choice of content slides:

2) In the content tab, paste in the link to the YouTube or Vimeo video you wish to add in the Video Link text field, and click the "Add" button.

It is not possible to upload your own video file at the moment. Also note that YouTube shorts are not currently supported.

That's it! You can now play the video to your audience during your presentation:

How to present using the Video slide

After you have clicked "Present" to start your presentation, you can pause or play the video by pressing the play/stop button in the thumbnail, by using the toolbar, via the Mentimote or by using the hotkeys SPACE and ENTER.

Depending on the pacing setting you have configured for your presentation, the video will be displayed differently to your audience in their voting devices.

  • In presenter pace, the participants will not be able to play the video from their voting device. Only a thumbnail image will be shown and they will have to view the video via the presentation link.

  • In audience pace, the participants will be shown a video thumbnail that they can interact with to view the video in their voting device.

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