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Test your presentation in present mode and ensure that you are familiar with Mentimeter

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Test your presentation in present mode and ensure that you are familiar with Mentimeter, and confident with your presentation. Here are some things to think about:

  • Run through your presentation in Presentation View by pressing the “Present” button in Mentimeter;

  • Press F on your keyboard to go into full-screen mode. This will hide your browser tabs and anything else showing on your screen;

  • Show bullet points, and go to the next slide by pressing the right arrow on your keyboard;

  • Start a quiz question by pressing the return key on your keyboard;

  • Get familiar with keyboard shortcuts.

Test voting

Once you are happy with the content, you should run a test vote. You should do this for two reasons. Firstly, to make sure you know how the voting function works, and secondly, to help you understand the audience experience. This will help you to become a better presenter! 

  • Test vote your presentation so you understand how it works for the audience;

  • If you want to preview your presentation with test data, you can show test votes;

  • Remember! Delete results after testing.

Preview Mode

Preview Mode allows you to see exactly what both presenter and audience will see and experience during the presentation. To open Preview Mode, click on the arrow next to the Present button, then select "Preview presentation."

Once in Preview Mode, you can move slides with the arrow keys or the Presentation Menu, just like when presenting in real life.

You can also interact with the Audience screen and submit votes to see exactly what your audience will experience during your presentation. You can even toggle "Show test votes" at the bottom of of the screen.

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