Before and during presentations

Use this checklist to make sure your Mentimeter presentation runs smoothly

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Before you start

  • Check that your screen is connected to your computer, and is working;

  • Make sure you hide the edit view by pressing "Present". Go into full-screen by pressing "F";

  • Check that you are presenting from the first slide;

  • Have a glass of water on hand;

  • Take a deep breath to calm your nerves.

During your presentation

Whilst presenting with Mentimeter, keep the following things in mind for a smooth presentation!

  • Remember to allocate some time for the audience to connect to the presentation at;

  • You can show detailed voting instructions to the audience clicking on the top bar whist in presentation mode;

  • Ensure that the audience has enough time to answer your questions. For example, answering an Open-ended question takes more time than a Multiple Choice question;

  • Spend a couple of minutes after each question going through and commenting on the results;

  • Hit refresh if something with the presentation seems to be causing an issue.

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