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Pro tips and advanced features for next-level presenting
Pro tips and advanced features for next-level presenting

Make the most of Mentimeter’s more advanced features and make your presentations smoother and more professional than ever before.

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Take your presenting to the next level with these advanced tips and tricks, from nifty keyboard shortcuts and styling options to professional features like presenter notes and direct integrations with Zoom and MS Teams. Here are some of our best tips and tools to harness Mentimeter’s full potential.

You can bring up a list of keyboard shortcuts at any time by pressing the ‘k’ key while presenting:

Some of our favorite keyboard shortcuts include:

‘i’: Show voting instructions and QR code.

’t’: Show test votes. Perfect for trying out your presentation before using it in a live setting.

‘h’: Show or hide results, in case you don’t want participants to be influenced by others’ answers.

‘f’: Toggle fullscreen. This allows you to keep the presentation going, while having access to other tabs or windows in your computer.

Advanced layouts and colors allow you you customize your slides to create a unique look of your presentation. With these features you can change the position and size of an image you have added to the slide and change the alignment, size and colors of the text.

The Mentimote allows you to control all the most important aspects of your presentation directly from your phone or from another computer. This is especially useful when presenting in front of a live audience.

The Mentimote is also where you can see your presenter notes, if you’ve added any to your presentation, which brings us to…

Presenter notes are a useful feature when presenting as you can look at them to remember important points while talking in front of an audience. As mentioned above, your presenter notes will be visible in the Mentimote, so you can have them handy while presenting live.

Present directly in Zoom or MS Teams

Finally, if you’re using Mentimeter during a remote or hybrid meeting, class or presentation, you should definitely check out our Zoom and MS Teams integrations. They will allow you to present and received votes directly in your video conferencing tool of choice, and participants can vote, comment and ask questions directly in the voting window within each app. Learn more about each of these integrations below and give your voters the smoothest possible experience.

If you wish to learn more about Mentimeter’s features and how to create presentations, feel free to enrol for courses in the Mentimeter Academy

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