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Learn how to integrate Mentimeter into your Teams meetings with the new Mentimeter for Microsoft Teams app.

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Streamline your meetings and presentations in one place with the Mentimeter for Microsoft Teams app. Engage your audience and conduct live Polls, Quizzes, Word Clouds, Open-ended questions, Q&A’s and more to capture real-time input straight from your Teams meeting.

Share your Mentimeter presentation straight from inside the Teams meeting without having to leave or switch tabs. Participants can smoothly vote from inside the Teams window, no voting codes or additional devices needed.

To use the Mentimeter for Microsoft Teams app follow these simple steps:

Presenter steps

1. Create your presentation in your account at

2. Schedule a Teams meeting and invite participants.

3. Join the Teams call and when you are ready to present your Menti open “Apps” in the call.

4. Search for “Mentimeter” and add the app to the meeting.

5. Log into your Mentimeter account.

6. Select the Menti you want to present and instantly share the question without needing to screen share.

7. Simply present your Menti questions to the participants, who will be able to answer right away in the shared view. When you are done using the app, press “Stop sharing” in the Teams call.

Note that there is currently no sync up between the PowerPoint Add-In and the MS Teams App. This means that if you embed a Mentimeter presentation in a PPT and then press present PowerPoint to MS Teams (PowerPoint live), the Menti PowerPoint plug-in will not work. However if you screen share your PowerPoint, it will work like a normal PowerPoint presentation with an embedded Menti.

Start presenting in MS Teams instantly from Mentimeter

You can start presenting directly from Mentimeter by clicking the arrow next to the Present button, then selecting Present in Microsoft Teams:

This will direct you to MS Teams, where you can confirm your choice be clicking Start sharing:

This is what you'll see in your Teams meeting:

Participant steps

1. Join the scheduled Teams meeting.

2. When the presenter shares the Mentimeter app in Teams, the voting view will show up automatically where you can simply participate, vote and answer questions in the same view.

Useful info

  • In order to use the Mentimeter for Teams App (as a presenter), you first need a Mentimeter account. You can sign up for a Mentimeter account here. You must also create your presentations in your account at You cannot edit or build a new presentation in the Mentimeter for Microsoft Teams App. For additional information on the requirements for running Mentimeter, please see our recommendations here.

  • The Mentimeter for Microsoft Teams app is available for all Mentimeter plan types.

  • The Mentimeter app works for the Teams browser app, the desktop version, and the mobile app.

  • Non-logged-in participants joining as Guests in a Teams call are not able to use any apps provided in the Teams app source, including the Mentimeter app.

  • As a presenter, you can reset result, enable Q&A, etc. from the toolbar in the bottom left corner.

  • Want to prepare to use the app before the meeting starts? You can add the app to a meeting from the app source and pin the Menti presentations you want to use during the meeting.

  • Engage your participants even more by letting them hover over a scale and scroll through open-ended answers directly in the results view by themselves to see what each participant voted.

  • IT Admins can pin the Mentimeter app to the organization by following these steps here.

Questions? Contact us at or chat with us via our in-app chat box.

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