Streamline your meetings and presentations in one place with the Mentimeter for Microsoft Teams App. Engage your audience and conduct live Polls, Quizzes, Word Clouds, Open-ended questions, Q&A’s and more to capture real-time input straight from your Teams meeting.

Share your Mentimeter presentation straight from inside the Teams meeting without having to leave or switch tabs. Participants can join and vote from inside the Microsoft Teams window, no voting codes or additional devices needed.

The Mentimeter for Microsoft Teams App is available on all Mentimeter plans.

To use the Mentimeter for Microsoft Teams App follow these simple steps:

Presenter steps

Step 1: Create your presentation in your account at

Step 2: Schedule a Teams meeting, invite participants and then edit your meeting.

Note: You cannot add the Mentimeter App to your meeting if you do not add any participants.

Step 3: Press the + symbol in the top menu of the edit meeting window.

Step 4: Search for the Mentimeter App and add it to the scheduled meeting.

Note: You must add the Mentimeter App separately to every meeting that you wish to use it in.

Step 5: Log into your Mentimeter account and click “Save”.

Step 6: Select the presentation you wish to share and press “Add to meeting”.

Once you have added the Mentimeter presentation to the meeting and you are ready to start the meeting and the presentation, you can follow these steps:

1. Click on the Mentimeter tab before clicking "Join"

2. When you have joined the meeting, click on "Share content"

3. Click on "Window"

4. Select "Microsoft Teams" (note that in order to be able to see multiple windows, the window can not be in full screen)

5. Now you will be presenting the Mentimeter presentation and you need to ask the participants to click on the Mentimeter icon in the toolbar at the top

6. In order to make it full screen, hover your mouse over the bottom left corner of the screen so that the toolbar pops up, then click on "Fullscreen"

Now you're ready to start engaging the audience and transforming your Teams meetings.

Requirements: In order to use the Mentimeter for Teams App you first need a Mentimeter account. You can sign up for a Mentimeter account here. You must also create your presentations in your account at You cannot edit or build a new presentation in the Mentimeter for Microsoft Teams App. For additional information on the requirements for running Mentimeter view our recommendations here.

Attendee steps:

Step 1: Join your scheduled meeting.

Step 2: Press the Mentimeter App symbol in the top menu bar and you may receive a prompt to “join” the presentation.

Step 3: The Mentimeter App will open and you can start interacting with the presentation straight from your meeting.

Note: If a presentation is not attached to the Teams meeting, you can still enter the voting code and join a Mentimeter presentation if the Mentimeter App is added to the meeting.

Note: At the moment, attendees won't be able to see the Mentimeter icon in the top of the Teams meeting bar or vote through the voting modal if they join the Teams call link in their browser. It only works in the Teams desktop app right now.

Have questions? Contact us at or chat with us via our in-app chat box and we will try to find a suitable solution for you!

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