Using Mentimeter in virtual meetings is a great way to keep the attendees engaged and to break up the monotony of online meetings.

If you use Cisco Webex you are able to integrate Mentimeter seamlessly into your virtual meetings to deliver an engaging and interactive experience. With this integration you can do everything in Webex app and you won’t need to open a new window or have a second device to vote on The integration on Webex solves the issue of users needing two devices.

How to integrate Mentimeter to Webex:

1. Once you have set up your virtual meeting on Webex, start your meeting in the Webex app

2. Add the voting link to the Webex app - Go to share in the top toolbar > share multimedia > add the voting link URL

Make sure that share multimedia is enabled

To find the voting link in Mentimeter, go to and log into your account. on the presentation you wish to share, go to share > participation > copy link

3. Your audience will see this on the right-hand side of their screen

4. Once they press continue the Mentimeter app will show in the Multimedia Viewer panel, as seen below.

5. The presenter/host can now press present in Mentimeter and share your screen on Webex.

The audience will then be able to enter their responses directly on the Webex app where they are viewing the presentation.

To learn more about how you can use Mentimeter for remote work or how you can use Mentimeter to re-engage your team check out the blog and templates for inspiration.

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