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Mentimeter for Hopin

Learn how you can integrate Mentimeter with Hopin.

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Streamline your meetings and presentations in one place with the Mentimeter for Hopin integration. Engage your audience and conduct live polls, quizzes, word clouds, open-ended questions, Q&As, and more to capture real-time input straight from your Hopin session.

Share your Mentimeter presentation from and let the audience join and vote from inside the Hopin window. No voting codes or additional devices are needed.

To use the Mentimeter for Hopin integration follow these simple steps.

Presenter steps

1. Before the event, create a Mentimeter presentation at

2. Click Share in the top menu bar when you are done editing the presentation.

3. Copy the voting link ID at the end of the URL starting with

4. Go to the edit view of a Hopin event created by you on and click Venue.

5. Choose the venue that you wish to add the Mentimeter integration to, for instance, Stage. The integration can be added to Sessions and Expo as well.

6. Scroll down to the Integrations section and click +Add an integration.

7. On the Integrations page, you can choose the Mentimeter integration.

8. Click Install Application.

9. Go back to the integrations section in the edit view.

10. Here you will now see a field called Mentimeter Tab Name.

11. Click the Mentimeter Enabled checkbox and paste the voting link ID into the Mentimeter voting link id field. Further, provide a name for the Mentimeter Tab Name, which will be displayed in the side panel of the event area. Then click Save.

12. When the event is live and you are ready to present your Mentimeter presentation, screen share your presentation from

Audience steps

1. When the presenter starts presenting the Mentimeter presentation, inform the audience to click the Mentimeter Tab Name in the right-hand side modal.

2. Now your audience can vote and interact with the presentation without a second device.

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