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Can I use Mentimeter with a Learning Management System (LMS)?
Can I use Mentimeter with a Learning Management System (LMS)?

Find out how to use Mentimeter with an LMS

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Mentimeter does not currently offer direct integration with Learning Management Systems (LMS) or provide an open API for general data manipulation within its platform. However, Mentimeter can be used with any LMS tool today without a direct integration.

If you want to use Mentimeter in conjunction with any LMS, you can try any of the following methods:

Embed Live Results

Mentimeter presentations can be embedded into LMS content as external resources, allowing for interactive sessions to be conducted within the LMS environment. The embed code can be added to any text input field or a specific button titled 'HTML' or '</>'.

Students will be able to see the Menti and even move to the next slide in the presentation. This is ideal for sharing the results of a presentation and enabling students to go through the results collected in the class later as a homework.

If you want your students to participate in the presentation, remember that only one slide can be accessed via embedding. Whichever slide is active is where the students will land when they enter the access code. Students can click through the rest of the slides in the LMS, but only the active slide will appear in the participation view.

Link Sharing

You can share Mentimeter presentations links directly within LMS course modules, enabling students to access interactive sessions easily, as well as share course content afterwards. You can choose to share either the "Link to Results" from the Share modal or simply copy the URL in the browser.

This is also an excellent way for teachers who prepare their Mentimeter sessions in advance to add Mentimeter into the course content. Instead of having to find the right Menti in, you can simply open it in class via the link you added in the LMS.

Add the Invite link in the LMS

You can also add the Invite link into the LMS as a course element, assignment or external link. This way, students can simply click on the link to open the Menti participation view. You would need to first set the presentation to Survey mode before sharing the link unless you are presenting live in the classroom.

You can use this to make the Menti a home assignment or to collect feedback after class or input prior to a class.

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