So you've started making presentations in Mentimeter? Great to hear! This is what awaits you the moment you press 'Present':

What you see

When you start presenting, you will see the voting instructions at the top, your question in the middle, the number of voters in the lower-right corner (zero, since we have no votes yet!) and the presentation menu to open the settings in the lower-left corner. This is very similar to what you see when you create your question, as you have probably noticed.

How to move between questions

To go to the next question in the presentation, use your keyboards arrow-keys or the presentation menu. When you show the next question, your audience will be able to vote on it. To learn how to let your audience move on to the following questions without you needing to show them, this article is for you!

When you have gotten votes

As you can see in the picture, we have now gotten some votes on the presentation.

Let's have a look at the presentation menu. Here are all the settings and functions that you can set and use during the presentation. To learn more about them, please read our other articles!

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