So, you've started making presentations in Mentimeter? Great to hear it! When you are ready to present, click on the blue “Present” button in the top right corner of the editor and you will be taken to the Presentation view.

What you see

When you click “Present” and start presenting, you will see a few things:

  • The voting instructions at the top

  • Your question in the upper-left corner

  • The number of votes in the lower-right corner (zero, since we have no votes yet!)

  • The Presentation menu to open the settings in the lower-left corner (note: the Presentation menu will only appear once you hover over this area).

For now, you will not see any results. But as soon as your audience starts to vote on the presentation, the results will automatically appear in this view.

How to move between slides

To go to the next slide in the presentation, use your keyboard’s arrow-keys or the arrows in the presentation menu. When you go to the next slide, the new slide will also be shown in the participants’ voting devices. To let your audience move on to the following questions without you needing to show them, you can change pacing settings.

When you have received votes

As soon as your audience has voted on your presentation, the results will automatically appear in the Presentation view, as you can see below:

The Presentation menu

If you hover with your pointer in the lower-left corner of the presentation view, a presentation menu will appear.

Here you will find all the settings and functions that you can set and use during the presentation. In the menu you have shortcuts for hiding the results, closing voting or starting a countdown to close voting. If you click on the “More” icon, you get additional settings and functions:

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