Do you want to hide the text "Go to and use the code..." from your Presentation view? No problem, this can be done both when you edit your presentation as well as during your presentation.

To hide the vote code before you start presenting:

  1. Select the slide(s) where you want to hide the vote code

  2. Click the “Customize” tab

  3. Toggle the button “Hide instructions bar”

To hide the voting instructions during your presentation:

  1. Enter the Presentation menu

  2. Uncheck “Show vote code”

Pro tip: You can also hide and unhide the vote during the presentation with the keyboard shortcut "B".

To show the instructions, go back into the menu and click on the same element again.

If you want to send out the voting instructions in advance instead, or want your audience to connect with the presentation in another way, hiding the vote can be a useful feature to avoid redundant information.

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