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Learn your way around the results page, where you can download your presentation, export your results, and more.

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After you've presented and received votes, questions, and other responses from your audience, you can head over to your presentation's results page. There you'll find information about the results you've obtained and be able to download your presentation, export your results to Excel (paid feature), and more.

Finding the Results Page

There are three ways to find the results page for any given presentation.

  1. From My Presentations: click on the View results button, or click on the three dots on the right column of the presentation, then click View results.

2. From the presentation editor: at the top of the screen you can find the Results button.

The Results Page

On top of being able to export and download the presentation and results,

you can see the presentation statistics summary and the spread of different slide categories used in the presentation.

The Results page has two sections: Summary, which can help you understand the overall results of your presentation, and Responses, where you'll find all responses for each slide (for supported slide types).

At the top-right of the Results page you'll also find the Share and Download buttons.

The Share button will allow you to invite others to manage the results and edit the original Menti. The Download button will give you the option to export the results to Excel, download the full presentation PDF, or select individual slides to download as PDF.


At the top of the Summary tab, you'll find some data on participation, quiz results and Q&A submissions:

You'll also find a Participation table, which displays all questions in a presentation, along with how many people answered each question (next to the total number of respondents for the whole presentation) and the resulting participation rate in percentage.

Next, we have the Quiz results and Questions from the audience. If the presentation contains a Quiz, you'll be able to see a leaderboard, and if the presentation contains Questions from the audience, you are able to see which questions were asked during the presentation and sort them by upvotes or most recent.


In the Responses tab, you can see all responses for each slide (for supported slide types):

In the Responses tab, you can also segment results based on other slides. You can find out more about this in the Segmentation of responses article.

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