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Presentation PDF and screenshots
Presentation PDF and screenshots

Export your results as a PDF or as individual screenshots

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After you have received your audience's responses, you can export your presentation raw data results into an Excel spreadsheet, or get a PDF or image screenshots of each of your presentation slides with the beautiful bar charts, word clouds and more.

How to export your presentation

From My Presentations: click on the View results button, or click on the three dots on the right column of the presentation, then click View results.

From the presentation editor: in the top right corner, next to the Present button, you will find the View Results button.

This will take you to the results page of your presentation, where you can export the results to Excel or download the presentation as a PDF:

You can also access the results page directly from the presentation's edit view. Simply navigate to a slide where you currently have results, then click the Manage results button in the top banner:

Keep in mind that the PDF export will reflect exactly what is shown in the presentation at any given moment. So if your results are hidden on a given slide, that slide will appear blank. Be sure to unhide results if you want them to be visible in the PDF.

Note: If you do not see the Download PDF button, it might be because your presentation has limited access. You can change that setting in Results tab of the Share menu (next to the Present button in the presentation's Edit view). Change the settings to either 'All participants can access' or 'Anyone with this link can access':

You can also simply take manual screenshots of the presentation yourself at any moment:

  1. Click on the play button beside the presentation name OR click on the name of your presentation, then press Present

  2. Use keyboard shortcuts to take a screenshot of each slide.
    For Mac: Command + Shift + 4
    For Windows: PrtScn

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