Export results to Excel

How to export the voting results to Excel and what information you find in the spreadsheet.

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Mentimeter works seamlessly with Excel, letting you export the results from your presentation directly to a spreadsheet.

You can also choose to export the results as presentation screenshots.

How to export the results to Excel

Once you have received votes on your presentation, you can export the results from the results page.

To open the results page from the presentation editor, click the View Results button in the top right corner, next to the Present button.

How to export your results to Excel

Once on the results page, click on the Export spreadsheet button in the top right corner:

What's in the exported spreadsheet

In the spreadsheet, you can find different sheets:

The first sheet lets you follow the individual voters, as they are assigned a number. You can see what they have answered on each question.

The second sheet presents the voting results per question. In this example, an Image Choice question, you can see how many votes the options have gotten.

The third sheet shows the same information as the second one, but is different per voting session. Different voting sessions are started with the function Ask questions again that you access in the presentation view menu. The export to excel will also include results from previous sessions.

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