With Mentimeter, your audience can always see the results in real-time during the presentation. However, what if you want your audience to remember your presentation content even after the session? We have a feature that lets you do that!

Once your participants have finished the voting on www.menti.com, they can click "send me the results", submit their email address and get the results link sent to them after the presentation. They will receive the presentation link, where they can view the presentation and the overall results (they will not receive a PDF file of the presentation).

This feature is fixed to be turned on in the free version of Mentimeter, but if you are on one of our paid plans you can choose to have it turned off or limit the access.

To access this feature, simply click on the "Share" option at the top of your dashboard within your presentation editor and "Presentation sharing":

Here you can select who can access this presentation and the results in the dropdown menu. Select between three options:

Everyone that has participated: The audience can opt in at the end of your presentation to get the link to your presentation

People with the results link: Only those who you have shared your presentation url will be able to view the live results

No one but me (private): No one except for you will be able to see the results of your presentation

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