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Change the Theme of your presentation

How to change the look of your presentation, both on your screen and in the audience's phones, in just a few clicks!

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Do you want to change the look of your Mentimeter presentation? No worries, it's easy! Select between any of our pre-made default themes or create your own theme if you have a Mentimeter Pro subscription.

How to change the theme of your presentation

In the edit view, go to the Design tab and select Themes:

Under the section "My themes" you will see the themes you have created. Underneath that, in the section "Default themes", have ready-made themes that the Mentimeter Team has created for you. Just click on one of the themes to activate it.

The default themes are available for everyone. If you have a Mentimeter Pro subscription, you can also create your own themes.

Changing themes also changes the look in your audience's phones:

Note: font type and background images will not be displayed in your audience's phones in order to limit the amount of data that needs to be downloaded onto the voting devices.

If you have created your own theme, or if someone in your organization has created and shared a theme, they will also show up in the Themes menu.

You can preview how your current Theme looks for your audience by Previewing your Presentation.

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