Create your own themes

Change the logotype, background, and all the colors to customize your Mentimeter presentations.

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With Mentimeter Pro or our Conference plans, you can create your own themes to style your presentations.

How to create a new theme:

In the edit view, go to the Design tab and select Themes:

When the theme creation window open, type the name for your new theme, then scroll down to begin editing.

When creating a new theme you will be able to change:

  • Logotype (or keep it empty)

  • Background image

  • Background color

  • Text color

  • Text font

  • Line color

  • Visualization colors (will be used on question slides)

You can see a preview of how the changes you make in your custom theme will be reflected in your presentation and in your audience's phones:

Note: font type and background images will not be displayed in your audience's phones to limit the amount of data that needs to be downloaded onto the voting devices.

Editing a theme in one presentation means that it will also be updated in any other presentations where you use the same theme.

With the Team subscription, you can also share your theme to let everyone in your team use it for their presentations.

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