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Allow your audience to explore further by adding hyperlinks to your presentation.

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Hyperlinks are a great tool to expand the scope of a presentation, provide access to an important resource, or direct your audience to your website or sign up page after a successful presentation.

In Mentimeter you can add hyperlinks to almost any input field in the editor, with a few exceptions, such as answer options on question slides.

How to add hyperlinks

  1. Highlight a word or phrase you want to serve as the link (anchor text).

  2. Click on the hyperlink icon from the markdown menu that appears:

3. The highlighted word(s) will now have square brackets and will be displayed as a clickable link in the presentation.

4. Add the URL (including "http://" or "https://") in between the round brackets that appear after the anchor text:

And that’s it! Now you can click on the hyperlink while presenting in fullscreen to open the link in a new browser tab. Your audience will also be able to click the hyperlink on their own devices.

Other options

You can also simply add the square and round brackets directly to the text to make an active hyperlink.

Alternatively, you can simply add a valid URL into the slide text (including "http://" or "https://") to turn it into a working hyperlink.

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