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Create more emphasis by changing text to bold, italic, strikethrough or use sub bullet points.

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Highlighting certain keywords and making them stand out is a great way to help the audience retain information and take away more from the presentation. Now, you can use Markdown features on your Mentimeter presentation that enables you to change the text to bold, italics, strikethrough or a combination of all. You are also able to add sub bullet points and hyperlinks to slides giving you the ability to customize your slide more.


How to add markdown

Markdown can be added to your content slides and question title. At the moment, it is not possible to add markdown to options or statements.

To add markdown, you can use the markdown menu that appears when you highlight a word:

You can also use markdown formatting such as *asterisks* and __underscores__ to format the text:


Add emphasis to key words or show a contrast in your slide by using italics. Make the text italic on the slide by using *asterisks* or _underscores_ on either side of the text. The word in between the symbols will be in italics.


Another option is to make some of the text bold to grab the audience’s attention. Make the text bold, with **asterisks** or __underscores__. In this case you use two underscores or asterisks on either side of the text.


Make the text strikethrough, with ~~tilde~~. In this case you use two tildes on either side of the text.

Add sub bullets

Add a dash to make a sub-bullet point in your presentation to add subcategories to your bullet point list.

- sub-bullet

Add Hyperlinks

In Mentimeter you can add hyperlinks to almost any input field in the editor, with a few exceptions, such as answer options on question slides. Read more about how to add Hyperlinks here.

Pro tip:

If you want to double the emphasis, you can use both italics and bold to accentuate the text by combining two asterisks and one underscore on either side ** _asterisks and underscores_**.

If you want to disable markdown from your presentation you can add back ticks before and after the string. For example, if you want to display c**2 = a**2 + b**2 as is then use ``c **2 = a **2 + b **2`` instead.

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