Highlighting certain keywords and making them stand out is a great way to help the audience retain information and take away more from the presentation. Now, you can use Markdown to format text on your Mentimeter presentation. Markdown is a simple formatting language that uses characters to markup content elements on a webpage.

Using the markdown features on your Mentimeter presentation enables you to change the text to bold, italics or both. You are also able to add sub bullet points to slides giving you the ability to customize your slide more. 

Add emphasis to key words or show a contrast in your slide by using italics. A great way to distinguish between certain words and to show titles of completed works such as books, articles, newspapers, movies, music albums or even to highlight words in a foreign language. 

Make the text italic on the slide by using *asterisks* or _underscores_ on either side of the text. The word in between the symbols will be in italics. 

Another option is to make some of the text bold to grab the audience’s attention. Bold text can make the text stand out and highlight the most prominent words. Tip: try not to use lots of bold words, otherwise the audience won’t be able to determine which words are the most important.

Make the text bold, with **asterisks** or __underscores__. In this case you use two underscores or asterisks on either side of the text. 

The other alternative is to use both italics and bold to accentuate the text. 

This allows you get combined emphasis with ** _asterisks and underscores_** two asterisks and one underscore either side. 

Add a dash to make a sub-bullet point in your presentation to add subcategories to your bullet point list.

- sub-bullet

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