Embed your presentation on a webpage

Share your presentation results on any webpage.

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Mentimeter is set up to work best in a live setting where you are presenting and engaging with your audience in real time.

However, if you are wondering whether you can show your wonderfully created slides with the results on your company website, social media page or anywhere else on the web, we have a solution for you!

1. On your dashboard, click on the three dots to the right of the presentation title, and select Share from the dropdown menu:

2. Select the Slides tab, then copy the code by clicking the Copy code button under Embed slides:

3. Paste the code in your website's HTML and it's done!

The embedded presentation will look exactly like your presentation view. In case you do not wish to get anymore votes, do make sure to close the voting in your presentation view settings.

You can also access the embed code from directly inside the edit view of the presentation by clicking the Share button in the top right corner, and then clicking Copy code under Embed slides in the Results tab:

Note that for the moment it is only possible to embed the presentation view, not the voting view that participants see in their devices. This means you will be able to display the results embedded on a website, but your voters will not be able to vote directly on the embedded page. They will still need to vote from their own devices via menti.com.

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