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Content slides in Mentimeter

Learn how to use Content slides and Reactions to make the whole presentation interactive - from beginning to end!

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You can add simple slides in Mentimeter to complement our popular Question types. Use these slides to explain a concept in detail before voting, add an introductory message, or just because you want to. You can add as many as you like!

Add a Content slide in your presentation 

When you create a new slide, you can choose either a Question type or a Content slide. For the latter, you can choose between a number of different layouts:

The Content slides are quick and easy to create and use.



An image of the "Paragraph" slide layout


An image of the "Bullets" slide layout

Image slide

An image of the "Image slide" slide layout

Video Slide

An image of the "Video" slide layout


An image of the "BIG" slide layout


An image of the "Quote" slide layout


An image of the "Number" slide layout

When you're presenting Content slides with bullet points, you use the arrows to show the next bullet. You can read more about how to present slides with bullet points here.

Pro tip: You can add reactions to your content slides to make them more interactive.

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