Reactions from the Audience

Reactions are a great way for your audience to interact with you while you present.

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While presenting, reactions help a Presenter understand how their audience is feeling and get an idea of the impact of their slides. With Mentimeter, reactions are available for every slide type, including content slides, increasing the interactivity and engagement for your presentation.

You can choose between five different symbols, depending on what kind of feedback you want to get:

  1. Heart

  2. Question mark

  3. Thumbs up

  4. Thumbs down

  5. Cat (just for fun)

You can also choose to limit or expand the variety of reactions available for your audience for each slide in your presentation under interactivity in the editor for that particular slide. Simply click on the reactions you wish to be visible for your audience to use and you're all set.

When the participants react to your presentation, the symbols will animate from the side of the screen!

For example, if you're delivering a content-heavy presentation, the question mark reaction may be helpful to gain an understanding of the clarity of your slides and the understanding of your audience.

If you want to make reactions more fun, add a Cat reaction for your audience to use as well! The reaction types you choose for your presentation are completely up to you, so use them in a way that makes the most out of your presentation and best suits your audience.

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