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AI Menti Builder FAQ

Find answers to your questions and learn the ins and outs of the AI Menti Builder.

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What is the AI Menti Builder and why should I use it?

The AI Menti Builder is an automated way of creating a starting point for a presentation, or “Menti”, in Mentimeter. It saves a lot of time, as all you have to do is give a simple prompt outlining what you want to do with your Menti, and the feature creates a fully designed draft based on that, automatically applying Mentimeter's best practices. In just a minute, you're ready to polish and finalize your Menti ahead of your upcoming meeting or presentation.

How does this feature use AI?

This is actually a very simple application of AI. The AI we use reads only your prompt to understand the intent, and then uses the input we have given it (on Menti best practices and on how to create meaningful engagement) to craft the best series of slides. These will include relevant headlines, questions, and where applicable, multiple choice answers, for your specific use case. It really is your prompt that is the most important piece of information.

Who can use it? How much does it cost?

It's free and available to all users. If you are the only user in your subscription, simply click the Start with AI button on your Home screen to get started. If you are on a workspace with multiple users, you will need to ensure that your Workspace Admin has toggled on “AI Tools” in the Team settings menu. You will also be able to request access from your admin by clicking on the feature from within Mentimeter.

What kind of prompts can I use?

Your prompt is the most important piece of information. A prompt is, simply put, the text you write in the AI Menti Builder outlining the purpose of your Menti. The AI will look for two things in your prompt: the “Type” of session you are looking to host (workshop, quiz, survey, retrospective, etc.) and the “Topic” of your session. A good prompt could look something like this: "Educational presentation about Machine Learning".

How is this different from ChatGPT?

ChatGPT is a chat tool built using the same LLM (Large Language Model) that we are using, which is built by OpenAI. Therefore, the foundation of information is shared to a great extent (licensing differences apply), but we have combined the OpenAI LLM with Mentimeter best practices to cater specifically to our use case of creating a relevant Menti draft, based on a single text prompt. ChatGPT is great at many things, but it cannot create a Menti with you as you can with this feature.

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