If you are wondering how many voters Mentimeter can support, we are excited to let you know that you can use Mentimeter for any audience size! It does not matter if you are on the free, Basic or Pro plan. We don't limit audience size in any of them.

Large audiences

We have done some testing and we got the results that we can handle up to 20,000 votes simultaneously per event. For our record, the presentation with the highest number of votes so far has 13,000 votes, and Mentimeter received them all within 5 minutes!

Some pro tips when you are using Mentimeter with a large audience size:

  • Try not to give all participants the wifi-code since the mobile network is often better dimensioned than the venue wifi hotspot. Also check with the venue's technical agent to see if the wifi can handle many connections.
  • If you are relying on the venue wifi, connect the laptop that is used to present Mentimeter to a wired connection, so as to avoid any issues due to potential overload on the wifi. If there is no wired connection available, we recommend you to use a USB-dongle and connect to the 3G network.
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