What is included in the free account?

Mentimeter is free for as long as you like. Find out what's included and trial most of the features for free!

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Build beautiful interactive presentations and trial most of the features with the Free plan. This plan is free for as long as you like and you can upgrade your account whenever you would like to access more features.

If you hold the Member Lite role in a workspace with a subscription, your access privileges are the same as those of a free user. To gain access to additional features, you can request an upgrade of your role from your subscription admin.

This is what is included in the Free plan

Unlimited number of presentations

With the Free plan, you can create as many presentations as you like.

All question types

You get access to all the different question type slides we have to offer and use them in your presentation.

Unlimited Question, Quiz and Content slides

With your free Mentimeter account you'll be able to not only access all of our different question types, but also use as many as you like within any presentation.

If you want to complement your question slides with simple text slides, you can add an unlimited number of Content slides to your presentation (there is a limit of 100 slides per presentation).

Up to 50 participants per month

You can present as many presentations as you like per month until you hit a total of 50 participants. Once you have hit our 50 participant limit, you can either upgrade your account to gain access to unlimited participants, or wait 30 days. After 30 days, you'll be able to present to up to 50 participants again.

We will never kick participants out of your presentation. For one presentation, we allow you to present to unlimited participants. If you have 51 participants, all participants can take part in your presentation, and once you have finished presenting you will be unable to present again unless you upgrade or wait 30 days. Some examples of how this works:

  • If you present one presentation for 10 participants, a second presentation for 20 participants, and a third presentation for 100 participants: All 100 participants can still take part, but you have now hit your 50 participants limit.

  • If the first presentation you hold has 60 participants, you have now hit your 50 participants limit.

Once the presentation you are currently presenting hits the 50 participants limit, you can continue to present the same presentation for 8 hours, but you will be blocked from presenting other presentations immediately. After 8 hours you will also be blocked from continuing to present the same presentation unless you upgrade.

If they are presenting the same presentation within 8 hours, then participants are not counted again if they leave the presentation and then rejoin within that time period. In other words, from the moment you click present for a presentation, you have an 8 hour window in which unique participants are only counted once towards the limit.

We will send you an email informing you after 30 days have passed and your 50 participant limit has been reset.

Security and privacy

In the free account, we reserve our right to anonymize your questions and use them to inspire other presenters.


You have access to our Help Center where you can find other useful articles like this one.

Mentimeter Basic, Pro and Enterprise plans offer even more great features and functions that will enhance your Mentimeter experience. You can read more about them on our pricing page.

Want help to get started?

If you wish to get some help to get started with Mentimeter, you can view our Video tutorials on Youtube, our Getting started webinar or keep exploring this Help Center.

If you wish to learn more about Mentimeter’s features and how to create presentations, feel free to enrol for courses in the Mentimeter Academy

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