Mentimeter is free for a long as you like with the Free plan. In this plan the following is included: 

Unlimited audience size

Unlimited audience size means that you can present your Mentimeter presentation in front of an audience of any size and they can use a smart phone to interact. 

Please note that quizzes are limited to up to 500 users.

All question types

With your free Mentimeter account you get access to all the different question types we have to offer and use them in your presentation.

Maximum two questions and five Quiz questions per presentation 

With your free Mentimeter account you can create up to two questions and five quiz questions per presentation. You can create as many presentations as you like. 

Security and privacy 

In the free account, we reserve our right to anonymize your questions and use them to inspire other presenters.


You have access to our Help Center where you can find other useful articles like this one!

Mentimeter Basic, Pro and Conference plans offer even more great features and functions that will enhance your Mentimeter experience. You can read more about them on our pricing page.

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