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How to conduct a survey with Mentimeter
How to conduct a survey with Mentimeter

Learn to use Mentimeter to easily run a survey asynchronously and collect input from your audience in their own time.

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Do you want to collect input from your audience before your presentation or over a longer period of time? You can use Mentimeter as an asynchronous survey tool and allow your voters to answer your questions at their own pace by setting your presentation to Survey mode.

Get started with just a few clicks by using one of our Survey Templates, or continue reading to learn more.

Presentation or Survey

Mentimeter offers two different ways for your audience to move through a presentation:

  • Presentation mode allows the presenter to control what slide that will be shown to the audience in their voting devices.

  • Survey mode lets voters move through the slides in the presentation on their own.

You can set a presentation to Survey mode in the Settings menu, as shown below:

Once you set a presentation to Survey mode, voting will stay open for as long as you need. When you wish to stop collecting results, you can simply close voting by toggling 'Allow responses' under the Interactivity tab:

Note: Survey mode cannot be used if your presentation includes Quiz type slides (Select Answer & Type Answer). For the Quiz slide type, the audience needs to answer the questions live, so the presentation has to be controlled live by the presenter in Presenter pace. Other question types can all be set to Survey mode. Learn more about the difference between Quiz slides and Question slides here.

Pro tip: if you want to collect input on your survey over a longer period of time, we recommend sending participants the voting link, rather than the 8-digit voting code, since the voting code is temporary and will be renewed every few days. You can learn more about the voting code validity here.

Need help getting started?

Check out our curated Survey Templates to get started with your survey in just a few clicks.

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