When presenting live with Mentimeter, your presenter's screen will direct your audience to www.menti.com to key in a code. You can also let your audience access your presentation directly by sending them a unique voting link.

This is a great way of letting your participants connect to the presentation beforehand and for distributing remote surveys to your participants (since the vote code is only temporary).

How to access the link

You can access the voting link in multiple ways: from your dashboard, while editing your presentation and during the presentation.

How to access the voting link from your dashboard

On your dashboard, click on the three dots to the right of the presentation title, and select “Share” from the dropdown menu:

In the new window that appears, select the tab "Participation" and copy the link under the section "Voting link":

How to access the voting link from the edit view

You can also access the voting link in the edit view of your presentation by clicking “Share” and then “Participation”. Copy the link under “Voting link”:

How to access the voting link during a presentation

You can also copy the voting link during a presentation. This is a smooth way to help participants who arrive late to a presentation to join the presentation after it has already started, without having to exit the presentation and disrupting the experience for all participants in the meeting.

In presentation view, copy the voting link that appears when you hover over the top bar with the voting code:

That's it! You can now send out the link and receive votes on your presentation.

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