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Let your audience access your presentation's participation view by using a QR code.

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If you prefer to share participation instructions with your audience ahead of time, you can share the QR code or join link. The QR code and join link are unique to your presentation and will remain the same regardless of the 8-digit join code.

How to share the QR code

  1. In the edit view of your presentation, open the Share menu in the top-right corner

  2. Select the Participants tab

  3. Click the Download button beside the QR code:

After downloading, you can send the QR code in an email or share it with your audience in different ways.

Show the QR code with a live audience

The fastest way to show the QR code while presenting is to use the shortcut key 'i'. Simply press the 'i' key on your keyboard at any time while presenting in full screen. To remove it, simply press the "i" key again, or click the X in the QR code pop-up:

You can also bring up the QR code at any moment while presenting via the presentation menu. Just follow these steps:

  1. Click Present in the top right corner of the Edit View

  2. Open the Presentation Menu by hovering your mouse cursor over the bottom-left corner of the slide

  3. Choose Show voting instructions

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