How the voting pace affects your presentation

Learn about the difference between Presenter pace and Audience pace to control your audience’s flow in the presentation.

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Mentimeter offers two different ways for your audience to move through the presentation in their voting devices: Presenter pace and Audience pace. With the first option you can control what slide that will be shown to the audience in their voting devices. With the second option you can let them move through the presentation at their own pace, just like a survey. Read more about the two options below.

Presenter pace

As default, all presentations will be in Presenter pace. With Presenter pace activated, only the slide that is currently shown in the Presentation view can be seen in your audience’s phones. They will only be able to proceed and vote on the following question when you switch to the next slide in your Presentation view.

This affects two situations:

  1. If the audience has voted but you haven't moved on to the next question the audience gets the message "Please wait for the presenter to show the next slide".

  2. If you move on to the next slide before they have finished voting the audience gets a smaller notification informing them that you moved on to the next question. They can then choose to stay on the previous question and submit their vote, or click on “Go to slide” to move on to the slide you are showing.

With Presenter pace, you will have full control of when the audience is able to see your questions or content and is a good option if you want their attention on the same page. Therefore, we recommend you to set the presentation to Presenter pace for all your live presentations.

Audience pace

With Audience pace activated, your participants will start from the first question in their voting devices and proceed to the following slides at their own pace until they have answered all the questions. This is a good option for surveys!

Note: Quiz competition questions are unable to be set to Audience pace since they are meant to be presented live. An alternative question type for your survey is Multiple choice.

How to change pace

  1. Open the "Settings" menu in the top right corner of your Edit view

  2. Select the voting pace you want

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