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Learn how to create, edit and use Multiple Choice questions to poll your audience. Add text options, or visualize with images.

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Multiple Choice slides are one of our most commonly used slide types. Multiple Choice is suitable when you already know what options you want the participants to vote on, i.e. you want your audience to choose only from a few pre-defined options.

Note: Multiple Choice questions are not included in our Quiz Competition slides. To use a Quiz Competition slides (which collect points and determine a winner), make sure to use either our Select Answer or Type Answer question types. Learn more about the difference between Multiple Choice and Quiz Competition slides.

How to create a Multiple Choice question

  1. Create a new slide (click the +New slide button in the top left corder of the presentation's Edit view)

  2. Choose Multiple Choice

  3. In the Content tab to the right, fill in your question

  4. Enter your answer options

And that’s it for the basic steps! Now, let's look at some optional functionalities you can add.

Additional functionalities

Change the result layout

By default, the results of your Multiple Choice question will be displayed as a bar chart. You can also choose to show your results as a Pie Chart, Donut Chart, and Dots under the Design tab on the right.

Add images to your Multiple Choice options

If you want to add images to your Multiple Choice options, simply click the image icon next to the options. You can upload your own images or select images from the Unsplash and Giphy libraries.

Note: it is only possible to upload images in square format (1:1 ratio) for the Multiple Choice options.

Select a correct answer

If your Multiple Choice options have right and wrong answers, you can toggle Choose correct answers under the Options section:

A checkbox will now be added to each option that you can check to mark the correct option(s).

When presenting, you can show which options you have marked as correct by pressing “Enter” on your keyboard.

Note: The Multiple Choice question type will not collect scores and determine a winner. If you want to create a Quiz where scores are kept for each player and leaderboards are created, take a look at our Quiz competition question type instead.

Allow the audience to vote on more than one option

If you want the audience to be able to vote on multiple options (commonly known as checkboxes in surveys), toggle “Select multiple options” in the Interactivity tab.

You can then decide the maximum number of options your participants can select. This can be used, for example, if you would like your audience to select "all that apply". In this case, you would both enable "Select multiple options" and mark more than one correct answer.

Show the results in percentage

By default, the results will be displayed in absolute numbers. If you want to display the results in percentage, toggle “Show results in percentage” under the Design tab.

You can also switch between showing percentages and numbers while presenting by clicking on the "Show percent" button in the presentation menu. This will show up in the left hand tool bar while presenting, marked as a percentage symbol:

Change font size

The font size of the options will automatically change depending on the length of your text, or the number of answer options.

To make your font size larger, you can reduce the number of answer options or reduce the length of text in the answer options.


If you have several Multiple Choice questions in your presentation, you can segment the responses according to the results from another question.

Getting answers on your Multiple Choice question

This is what the presentation looks like when you receive responses on your Multiple Choice question:

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