Can I add audio to my presentation?

Learn how to add music to your Quiz Competitions

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At the moment, you cannot add your own music or audio to a Mentimeter presentation.

However, if you're running a Quiz Competition, you can add one of our default audio sounds to your slides, available to all of our Mentimeter plans. This enables you to choose some background music whilst presenting the Quiz Competition.

Once you have chosen your Quiz Competition slide you can input your question and answer. On the "Content" tab, scroll down and see the “Music” option which you can click to expand.

A list of the available audio choices appear and you can choose which audio you would like to play in the background of your quiz. The chosen audio will then be automatically selected and played on all of your Quiz Competition slides.

You can preview the audio by pressing the play button and select the audio you want by ticking the box.

Pro tip: The Quiz music will only play from the presenters device, so if you want the audience to hear the music in a remote setting you would need to play the music via your microphone and remove any headphones if you currently use that.

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