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Can I change the font (size & style) in my presentation?
Can I change the font (size & style) in my presentation?

Find out if you can change font styles or font sizes.

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Yes, you can change the size of the font with any of our plans, and change the style to any of our default fonts if you have a Pro plan. At this time it's not possible to change to your company's specific font.

How to change the style of your font

If you are on a Pro plan you can choose between several different fonts when creating a new Theme.

  1. In the edit view, click on “Themes” on the top of your screen

  2. Click “+ Create new theme”

  3. Scroll down to “Font” and select a font in the drop down menu

How to change the font size

Change the font size on content slides and question titles

To change the font size for text on content slides or question titles, use the + or - under Text Size in the Customize tab. The text size will change for the whole slide except for options and statements.

Change the font size for options and statements

For options and statements, you can change the font size in your presentations by changing the length of your text, or the number of answer options. The font sizes are automatically optimized for the presentation layout.

To make your font size larger, you can:

  1. Reduce the number of answer options / reduce the length of text in the answer options

  2. Shorten the question length

Pro tip

If you wish to accommodate longer text but you are unable to do so due to the character limit, or because the question text looks too small, what we suggest is to type any extra information by clicking on “add a longer description”. This is found right below the bar where you key in your question, and it is available for all question types except for Quiz.

You can type a maximum of 250 characters under this optional description. The text will only appear in the presentation view when you hover the cursor over the question text (it will show up as a tooltip), but it will appear on your audience's screens all the time.

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