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Customize the layout and colors of your slide

Adjust the position of text and images using advanced layouts

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You can customize your slides to create a unique look for your presentation by using our customize options under the Design tab. With these features you can change the position and size of an image you have added to the slide and change the alignment, size and colors of the text.

To quickly style your slides, select one of our pre-made layouts under “Layouts” in the Design tab:

If you want to customize the slides further, you get more options if you scroll further down the Design tab. You can change the visualization colors as well as the text and background colors.

How to change the look of your slide's content

This is how you can change the layout of your text and image:

  1. Under “Layout”, choose between the different layout options for your slide. If you have added an image to your slide, you can change the positioning of your image by changing the layout as well.

  2. Choose the preferred position of your text (left, middle or right) under "Horizontal alignment".

  3. Under "Vertical alignment", you can change the positioning of your text (top, middle, or bottom).

  4. To change the size of your text, use the - or + to increase or decrease the size.

Note: Text alignment is only available for content slides.

How to customize the colors of your slide

If you have a Pro or Enterprise subscription, you can change the text, line, and visualization colors:

  1. Find the slide element you want to change and open the color swatch by clicking the colored square.

  2. If you have added a background image to your slide, you can change the image opacity by using the slider inside the “Background color" option.

Note: Changes in one slide will not take effect in other slides – those will still follow the theme defaults unless you copy the slide and then change the content or slide type.

To return to the default settings click “Reset to theme defaults”.

How to change font size

To change the font size on your slide, you can use the + or - under Text Size in the Design tab. The text size will change for the whole slide except for answer options and statements.

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