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Add images and GIFs to your presentation

Browse or upload beautiful, high quality images to your presentation

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Adding images to your presentation is a great way to style your slides. Images can be added to all slide types and if you have a Pro plan you can also add background images. In this article we will show you the different ways you can add images to your presentation.

Add images to your Question or Content slides

To add an image to your Question or Content slides, click or drag and drop an image in the “Image” field. You will be able to upload your own image or add images from the Unsplash and Giphy libraries directly into your presentation.

Pro Tip: You can also hover over this area with your mouse and use the paste command if you already have an image copied to your clipboard.

For your Question slides, the images will as default be displayed next to the question. If you want to change how the image shows on your slide, you can change the image layout in the Design tab:

For your Image slide, the image will as default be displayed in the center of the image. If you instead want the image to be displayed as a background image you can change this setting in the “Content” tab.

Add images to your Multiple Choice question

For the Multiple Choice question type, you can also upload images to the answer options by clicking the image icons next to your options.

Customize your slides & themes

If you’re on a Pro plan, you have additional options for styling your presentations with images:

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