Add Images from the image and GIF libraries to any question type

By clicking the image icon, you will be able to add images from the Unsplash and Giphy libraries directly in to your presentation.

Image Quick Slide

For the Image Content Slide, you can access the library via the add image button in the content tab.

Image Choice

For the Image Choice question type, you can also access the library via the image icon next to your answer options.

Customize your slides & themes

If you’re on a Pro, Conference or Teams plan you can browse the image and GIF libraries to add beautiful pictures to individual slides and when creating themes.

Customizing individual slides

Add a GIF or a background image to a specific slide only. Head to the Customize tab and select ‘add background image’ to access the image library.

Creating or editing your themes

When creating or editing your theme, simply select “add background image” to access the GIF and image library and add a background image to the theme for the entire presentation.

  1. Select "Add image" under Background Image

2. Select the tab "image library" and browse pictures by typing in a keyword

3. Select the image you want to use and it will be added as a background image to your theme

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