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How many votes have I received?
How many votes have I received?

Learn where to find the total number of people that have participated in your presentation and how many votes you received

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During or after a presentation you may wonder how many votes you have received on a certain slide, or how many people in total have participated in your presentation. This is shown by the vote counter on each slide and the number of voices in your dashboard for the entire presentation. Let’s explore the two!

How many votes per slide?

Whilst presenting with Mentimeter and using one of our Question Type slides you can easily see the number of votes that have been submitted to the question.

The number of votes on each question is shown in the bottom right side of the screen. The vote counter displayed is updated in real-time and updates automatically as people submit their votes.

In our Word Cloud Open-ended and Multiple Choice Question Type Slides, the presenter can let the participants submit multiple times. This means that each time a participant submits more than one response it is included in the vote counter and counts as another vote.

How many participants in total?

If you instead want to see the total number of participants that have voted in your presentation across all sessions, you can see this in your homepage dashboard:

Underneath your presentation name, you will see the number of “voices”. This displays the highest number of participants in that presentation, this includes previous sessions if you have reset the results previously. The number of voices is updated once per day.

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