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How to hold simultaneous presentations
How to hold simultaneous presentations

Giving parallel Mentimeter sessions by different presenters.

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Sometimes, for your event, you may need to run multiple Mentimeter presentations at the same time, with different speakers. How should you go about doing it?

You will be able to conduct simultaneous presentations with Mentimeter for Teams or any of our conference plans. Here are the steps to take: 

  1. Add colleagues into your Mentimeter subscription.

  2. Share presentations or presentation templates with them if more than one of you are using the same presentation.

  3. Have your colleagues download the shared presentation template in the 'Shared templates' menu or the 'Shared presentations' menu

  4. You will both now be able to present at the same time in multiple locations.

Since the Mentimeter account is personal, each presenter needs to create their own Mentimeter account using their own email addresses. For example, if you would like to conduct 3 different presentations at the same time, there have to be 3 different Mentimeter accounts (1 is the account to purchase the subscription of 3 licenses, the other 2 are invited to join).

Note: If you have shared a presentation with your organization via Mentimeter and they are using them with you simultaneously, the results gathered from different speakers will not be combined with one another, i.e. your results will only be accessible in your own account. 

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