If you have more than one Mentimeter Pro license, you will automatically get team features that will give you central control of the licenses and knowledge shared within your organization.

The main team features are:

The team features are also available for educational use with additional discounts.

How it works

Each user who wants to create, edit or present a presentation will need to create their own account with their own login credentials and be assigned their own license. The subscription owner will then be the one to purchase the licenses and distribute them to the other users.

The subscription owner can manage everything centrally, including payments and license distribution. They can also invite colleagues to join the subscription with their own accounts and occupy any available licenses. They can just as easily remove a license from one user and assign it to another.

To purchase multiple licenses for your team, take a look at our price page or contact us at sales@mentimeter.com with your estimated team size and your industry and we'll reach back within 24 hours.

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