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How to connect and start voting on Mentimeter questions.

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There are three different ways for your audience to connect to your Mentimeter presentation and start voting:

  • Joining via voting code at

  • Joining via a QR code

  • Joining via a voting link

1. Join via a voting code

When you create your presentation, a temporary voting code used for accessing the voting appears at the top of the presentation:

The most common way for your audience to start voting is for them to go to on their voting device (usually a mobile phone, but it can also be a computer or tablet) and enter that code in the text field:

How to enter the voting code as a participant

2. Join via a QR code

Another way to join the voting is by connecting to the presentation via a QR code. Simply open the camera on your voting device and scan the QR code to join the voting.

The presenter can share the QR code ahead of time, or display it live during the presentation.

3. Join via a voting link

The last way to join the voting is by connecting to the presentation via a voting link. When clicking on the voting link your audience will get direct access to the voting.

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