Voting with Mentimeter is anonymous, as we don't set any Voting IDs on the voters or require them to log in. Anonymous voting leads to more honest responses and people are more willing to provide their input on different matters.

However, we have a few workaround solutions so that you, as a presenter, can analyze the results depending on certain attributes within the audience:

  1. Segment the votes according to the results of another question

  2. Use Open Ended question and export the results to Excel

Segmentation for analyzing the results in real-time

With Multiple Choice questions, you can segment the results according to the results of another question (provided that the other question is also one of those question types). Use this for discovering similarities and differences within or between groups, in real-time!

You can read more about how to use segmentation here.

Note that in case you have smaller groups, you should notify your audience that you may be able to connect certain answers to certain people. As a presenter, you are responsible for the potential collection of personal data.

Open Ended or Quick Form question and Excel export to identify and analyze individual voters

Since you can use Open Ended questions to allow your audience to provide free-text answers, this question type can also be used for collecting the voter's name, email, position, or another identifier of your choice. Please note that you should inform your audience that their input won't be anonymous if you do ask them for identifiers.

If you have a Pro, Teams or Enterprise subscription you can also use the Quick Form for collecting sensitive information.

In your Excel export, you can then follow each individual voter to see what s/he answered per question.

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