After you have created a Quiz competition, it's time to play! The Quiz competition can be hosted live or remotely, but needs to be presented in real time and be set to presenter pace.

For technical reasons the recommended audience size is up to 2 000 players. If you want to use the Quiz for a larger audience or as a survey you can select the multiple choice question type instead.

How to start

When you are ready to host your Quiz Competition, click 'Present'. This will take you to the Initial Lobby where the participants join, get assigned an avatar and enter their nickname.

When you are ready to start the first quiz question, press Enter on your keyboard or the 'Start countdown' button, and the game is on!

During the game

The question appears and the participants need to answer before the countdown ends. When the countdown has run out, or everyone has voted, the results and the correct answer will be shown.

The audience can also see whether they have answered correctly on their phones. Read more about voting on Quiz questions here.

If you have added a leaderboard at the end of your Quiz, the final winner will be revealed:

Pro tip:

  • Quiz participation is calculated per voting device so if you wish to have your audience participate in teams you can ask them to group together (live or remotely) and submit responses from one device per team.

  • If any of your Quiz participants entered the wrong nickname for their avatar, you can simply hover over the nickname in the leaderboard and click on it to make it go back to the default name.

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