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Collect email addresses and other information from your audience with Quick Form
Collect email addresses and other information from your audience with Quick Form

Use our Quick Form question type to let the participants fill out a short survey during your presentation.

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Quick Form is a question type that enables facilitators to collect information from their audience to analyze in an Excel export after the presentation is over. This question type can be used to learn more about your audience, and to help you get more out of the data you have collected.

On a Pro, Teams or Conference account, you can use a Quick Form to ask your participants for name, email, to select a date or to choose one or more options.

Create a Quick Form question

This is how you create a Quick Form question:

  1. Click "New slide"

  2. Select the Quick Form question type

  3. Enter the title of your Quick Form. This is the only thing that will be displayed in the Presentation view.

  4. Choose field type by selecting the icon on the left of the text box: Short Text, Email, Pick One, Pick Many or Date. See examples later in this article!

  5. Enter field label and options

  6. Set a field as "required" by ticking the box to the right

  7. For Pick One or Pick Many slides, select "See options" to add your options within the dropdown box.

Note: the results from this question type will only be displayed in the Excel export. If you need more than four fields, you can create one more Quick Form question.

Important notice

You as a presenter are responsible for all the personal data that you collect in Quick Form and all other question types. Read more in our terms of use. Don’t collect any information that can harm or in any way be of inconvenience for the participants, and do note that you should inform the participants that their input isn’t anonymous if they fill out the survey. 

Form examples

The different field types are designed to facilitate collection of exactly the input you want to get. Here are some common examples for what you can use them for:

Email field

This field can only be used for collecting email addresses.

Short Text field

Here, you can collect any type of written input. Common examples are:

  • What is your profession?

  • What is your name?

  • Where do you live?

Date field

This field lets the participant input a date. It can for example be used for:

  • What date is it today?

  • When did you last attend a training session?

  • When would you like the next workshop to take place?

The Pick One field lets the participant select one out of the options that you've predefined from a dropdown menu. Examples are:

  • Which department are you in? (HR, Operations, Sales, Finance, etc.)

  • What is your gender? (Female, Male, Other, Would prefer not to answer, etc.)

  • How old are you? (<30, 30-40, 40-50, etc.)

  • How would you rate this session? (1, 2, 3, ... etc.)

Pick Many field

The Pick Many field lets the participant select all options that apply out of the ones you've predefined:

  • Which previous workshops did you attend? (Jan 25, Feb 20, April 10, etc.)

  • How did you hear about this event? (Newsletter, Facebook, Linkedin, a friend etc.)

  • Which types of future events would you be interested in attending? (Webinars, Meetups, Lectures, etc.)

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