With the Open Ended question type, the participants can type in their answers freely. This question type is good to use when you do not already know how the participants will answer, and you want them to write longer answers – but maximum 250 characters!

Since the participants can input anything, you can use this question to collect emails or other information to identify the voters. It is also great for letting the audience send in their own questions to the speaker! Read about voting on Open Ended questions here.

Pro tip: Let the participants have a bit more time to enter their statement!

Create an Open Ended question

This is how you create an Open Ended question with Mentimeter:

  1. Create a new slide
  2. Choose Open Ended question
  3. Fill in your question
  4. Choose how to display the results (result layout)

Change result layout

The result layout options are:

  • Speech bubbles
  • One by one
  • Flowing grid

You can see a preview of the layouts when you create your question – just hover over the different options to see how they will look. You can also change the result layout when you are presenting, see the end of this article for how to do this.

Additional settings

  • To avoid inappropriate words, you can use the profanity filter to remove them from your audience's input.
  • If you want to let the audience submit several responses, for instance, if they have multiple questions or ideas, you can allow them to vote more than once from the same device.

Get a vote on your Open Ended question

This is how it looks when you get a vote on an Open Ended question:

Change layout during the presentation

This is how it looks when you change layout from Speech bubbles to One by one in the Presentation view, when you have already gotten results:

Removing unwanted entries

In case your audience enters undesired words that haven't been captured by our profanity filter, or you simply want to remove addressed input or tidy up the results before exporting to PDF, you can remove input from Word Clouds and Open Ended questions. This can be done either in the Mentimote or directly on your presentation screen. Find out how to do it here.

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